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About Deborah Galuk

Success-Focused Transformation

Human Rx is a human development firm founded in 2001 with a profound focus on potential and peak performance. We work with success-oriented executives, business owners and entrepreneurs.

We draw from real-world experience, breakthrough work in the field of change management, and doctorate-level training in leadership, psychology and organization development. We partner with you to ensure a personally relevant experience that results in positive, lasting change. Unique among national leadership and professional development firms, our approach is grounded in research and inspired by a healthy disregard for conventional thinking.

Deborah Galuk, PhD

A respected executive coach, strategic planner and business consultant, Deborah brings to clients more than 20 years of management and human resources experience in a variety of industries including defense, health care, manufacturing, and energy management.

Her clients range from the United States Marine Corps to Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses all with one thing in common: They are driven to succeed.

Learning and Growth

Deborah earned her master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Minnesota. She followed her passions, studying individual and organization development, psychology and executive coaching. Her doctoral research focused on coaching executive women, one of her subspecialties. She has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota, the University of St. Thomas and the University of St. Catherine.

Certified Coach

She received her Professional Coaching Certification from New Ventures West. An early adopter of positive psychology research, Deborah completed two positive psychology programs and received her certifications from the University of Michigan.

Engaging Speaker

Deborah's warm personality and animated, approachable style make her a sought-after speaker at conferences and personal development workshops. She is passionate about helping success-oriented individuals break through to live fulfilling, personal and professional lives.

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" I am so much more aware of things now; I don't feel like I'm on 'auto pilot' as much, I really see things differently.

Like in the movie 'Pleasantville,' I used to live in black and white and now I live in color.

And I'm a lot happier.



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