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Find New Ways To Attack Old Problems

Professional coaching can provide the answers to become a more effective and influential leader by discovering keen insights on our self, our situation and the people we work with. It gives us powerful tools to help overcome obstacles, improve communication and accelerate growth. 

At Human Rx, we tailor our coaching and mentoring services to the needs of the individual, team and organization in any of the following categories:

Executive Coaching and Executive Women Coaching

While likely cathartic, executive coaching is not therapy. It is a highly personal, goal-focused process of self-discovery and growth that can have transformative results.

According to the Harvard Business Review, an executive coach can have a powerful impact on success in all dimensions of our lives and our organizations by offering real-time feedback and guidance, without removing us from daily responsibilities.

Executive coaching is the most effective way to address unique professional and personal development needs while respecting privacy and time constraints.

A generation ago, female executives had few options for leadership development; Go it alone, be mentored by a male colleague, or lean on female peers in other organizations. Today, there's a better alternative; executive coaching geared specifically to the challenges and opportunities facing women leaders.

For additional information, read our Executive Coaching Overview.
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Targeted Skills Training

Self-awareness and the quality of our interpersonal relationships are the foundation for positive growth forward. Using the D.Y.N.A.M.I.C. change process for rapid results, clients learn their preferred behavioral style, uncover signature strengths and get critical insights from others.


Get everyone on board and the “silos” aligned as the organization points North to implement substantial change.

We provide practical, goal-driven consulting and change management services to both Fortune 500 and small business organizations with expertise in:

  • Leadership team development and facilitation
  • Organizational alignment of people, purpose and process
  • Change Management that sticks
  • Leveraging Women's Leadership

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" I am so much more aware of things now; I don't feel like I'm on 'auto pilot' as much, I really see things differently.

Like in the movie 'Pleasantville,' I used to live in black and white and now I live in color.

And I'm a lot happier.



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