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Ready to unleash your leadership?

Deborah Galuk, Ph.D; CEO, Human Rx


The impact we make on this world is limited only by what we've decided we're capable of and translating this into the skills to keep ourselves in positive action toward our goals. Your mindset is THE most important asset you have in your business and your life; many leaders who aren't as successful as they could be - or want to be - sabotage themselves without knowing it!

  • Are you motivated by challenge and growth, yet feel alone and stuck?
  • Are you above average and a high achiever, yet wonder why you're not getting the results?
    • Do you have important work to do and are ready to get help getting results again?

Whether stepping up for the first time or stepping into the next chapter of our careers, you don't have to struggle any longer or go it alone. From small business owners to corporate executives, Deborah Galuk provides a path and a plan to become the best at what we were meant to do in this world. Even if it's helping us figure out what that is.


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